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Esmeralda Dance Supplies

Wooden Foot stretcher

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$62.95 USD
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$62.95 USD

La Esmeralda's Foot stretcher is for professional ballet dancers. Created with imported high quality logs, high toughness, wear resistance, beautiful texture. That not only it allows flexible feet, but it also helps to strengthen the foot, knee and leg muscles.

Training Device choose for prossional: Ergonomic curve design, that fits with your leg and foot perfectly. The rubber sleeve and tension band can help to finish the hard training in ballet.

La Esmeralda foot Stretcher is 100% wooden and made for professional ballet dancers.

It is Efficiently and Comfortable: The efficiency of shaping, allows you to quickly have the perfect arch. You can also enjoy the use of your foot stretcher more efficiently, and with more comfort.

La Esmeralda Professional Foot Stretcher for ballet dancers: Mainly focuses on the toes, legs, and foot instep because of that the foot stretcher stretches the foot of ballet dancers in a way where the instep, feet, back muscles and ligaments stretch function.

It is a personal portable tool to improve the foot so you can use it in ballet studios, gyms, patios, bedrooms or parks.

Suitable For Yoga, Belly, Latin, Ballet, Foot Training Crown and others forms of art.

La Esmeralda wooden Foot Stretcher is intended for:

  • 22cm above the feet of men or women.
  • Need to exercise the instep, ballet, Latin dance, belly dance, yoga and other dancers.
  • It make more perfect professional high instep ballet dancer.
  • I hope the instep more gentle towering straight lovers.
  • Applies to the use of classical ballet and other dance dancers.

La Esmeralda package included:

  • 1 x Wooden Ballet Foot stretcher (color of your choice Pink , Blue and Wooden colors)
  • 1 x Pull Strap / adapted to different sizes
  • 1 X Rubber elastic band  
  • 2 x Rubber Pad Adaptors
  • 1 x Velvet bags
  • 1x Gift Box