About us

Our company is born in 2020 in Georgia, USA., as a response for a need in our own family. Our 15 year old daughter Lucia dances since she's 3 and we thought about joining her on this path in a way we couldn't before. She give us the inspiration as parents to create and be envolved with accesories and tools that are best for dancers. We empathize with parents, dancers, families and people who use dance and ballet as a hobbie or as a career and try to give them the joy and usefulness in our products as we would love to see if we were the ones who buy them.

Our mission is to support ballet's art and this extends to the way we interact with our customers. We strive to create an environment of trust and understanding where we can help dancers of all levels explore and find the products that are right for them.

We hope you enjoy our products as much as we do, please let us know

-La Esmeralda