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Esmeralda Dance Supplies

Turning Disc Board

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La Esmeralda Turning Disc was designed and tested by a ballet dancer. After trying many of other turning boards on the market we realized one thing. Most of them were nearly identical, and our turning board has an extra thick EVA foam, high straight composite and a curvier shape for reduced friction. Our plastic turning boards are perfect for beginners, intermediate dancers etc. Who want to improve on their pirouettes.

Our Turning disc will help you get the confidence in your movements no matter if you dance ballet, hip hop modern or freestyle. 

Important specifications:

  • Our ballet turning disc is recommended to be used on smooth dance surfaces and not carpeted floor or ceramic floor, by dancer weighing up to 180 pounds.
  • This accessory should be used one by each dancer.
  • We are glad to announce that we improved the design and changed the mold for our board.
  • Available in pink, blue, purple, and turquoise.
  • La Esmeralda is a company behind many products for dancers including turning disc's. We strongly support other forms of dance genres. We are based in Atlanta GA USA and greatly appreciate your support.

What is a Turning Disc? So what exactly is a turning disc and what does it do?  it is a tool that helps your turning and spinning. Dancers and most importantly ballet dancers have been spinning on the stages for a long time, and we all realize the beauty and toughness of this skill, but it doesn't come that easy in any way. A proper ballet turning needs the right spotting, a strong core and maintained balance. These spin disc's provide support and elasticity required on the floor so that you can achieve the rhythm needed for a proper pirouette. Basically, a talented turner may not require turn boards since they already have mastered their spotting, but for those struggling to get there, it's certainly no easy feat.

  • Inspires Natural Spinning - Like I mentioned above, not everybody is a natural turner. To some people, it takes many hours of their daily lives in turn just to get a grip on that excellent spotting which will make them turn endlessly and effortlessly like pinwheels. While there are those who are naturally talented and when they spin it's a marvel to watch. Now we cannot all be amazing spinners, but we can now quickly learn how to hone our spotting and consistency which makes the best turners. 

  Gets You to Pro - One thing which deters many promising spinners from attaining the amazing level of spinning is hesitation which most probably stems from finding their equilibrium. This fact holds them back more than they may want to admit, now a turning disc's primary purpose is to confidently secure that spotting equilibrium for you. Talk about the easy way out! Once you have established the precise rhythm comfortable for you, then you, can easily adjust back to your footing. For this reason, a turning board is a must-have for every gymnast, dancer or ballerina's kit. 

Features and details:

  • Extremely durable: Made from a high strength composite with resin plastic and an extra thick eva foam. It also has an extra wide platforms to accommodate a foot of any size. Bare foot friendly spin.
  • Budget friendly: Includes gift box and velvet bags, perfect gift fo any dancers for the upcoming holiday season.
  • Perfect for all dance styles: Regardless of what style of dance you do, La Esmeralda turning disc will help you improve your technique and get a perfect control over your movements.
  • Make your practice Fun! Raise your mood during training, you will get the pleasure and fun while building your technique. Many Dancers can't stop working on improving their pirouettes with the turning board.
  • Money back guarantee: We value our reputation and costumer satisfaction, so we are ready to give your money back for the product within 60 days. If you have any problems with the product, please contact us via email.