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Esmeralda Dance Supplies

La Esmeralda Stretcher bands set of two

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LA ESMERALDA STRETCH BAND was designed after months of research to design the best quality band for a dancer. Our band has a plethora of benefits to dancers to help improve the flexibility in the back, legs and even hips. Not just that but to help strengthen. The set of bands includes a gift box, carry bag, and a booklet of stretching guides.

WHY LA ESMERALDA STRETCH BAND? Our stretch band has been tested by many dancers to ensure the quality and durability of the band. With this, we found out that our band is more durable than many bands out there. Made by dancers for dancers.

WHO CAN USE LA ESMERALDA STRETCH BAND? The band is mostly used by ballet dancer, cheerleaders, tumbling, contemporary dancers, gymnastics, and yogis. But it can be used for any sport that required flexibility and strength.

INSTRUCTIONS AND MANUAL INCLUDED: Our booklet includes different examples of stretches that help to improve your attitude, arabesques, middle splits, and hyper-mobility. The stretches guide can fit perfectly into your dance bag to carry around with you anywhere you want. Our booklet guides you to the position and what position you will improve and anything you need to know about it.

BEGINNERS, INTERMEDIATE AND PROFESSIONAL DANCERS: La Esmeralda stretch band can be used by everyone. It doesn't matter whether you just stared ballet or you are at a stage where you think don't need it anymore. Our band is durable and designed to improve  the flexibility and strengths.

Features and details

BEST QUALITY:  La Esmeralda stretch band set: Made of Premium Natural rubber, consisting of one stretch band from one continuous loop of premium grade rubber and another long resistance band. It is designed for beginner or professional dancers, gymnasts, and other sport or arts.

INCREASE STRENGTH, FLEXIBILITY AND TECHNIQUE: As you increase your strength and flexibility, your technique will increase as well. La Esmeralda stretch band is useful for ice skating, gymnastics, and other sport and art. These and others required a high degree of strength and flexibility that Our stretcher band can give you.

VALUE SET AND DESIGN: La Esmeralda stretch band was designed thicker than most band for most resistance. For Example, most band are made with 1.5mm thickness and with a width of 1.25 in. But , La Esmeralda stretch band has a thickness of 3.0 mm and a width of 1.5 in. As you can see, compared to most bands our is designed this way for a lot more resistance and so the dancers can have a stretch band of a better quality.